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Old enough to know better, but at age 50 I started a second career as a Mixed Media Artist. Inspired by a friend who suggested I research Altered Art I found what I do, and what I need to feed my muse. I have been published* I have been purchased* I have been SOLD! at an exhibit* I have been invited to share and teach* I have been blessed that I have friends who "get it";

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Tie Collector

Grandma, this kid doesn't collect cars, he collects TIES.
He LOVES this Christmas tie covered with Sequins
and wore it outside his coat. Goes nice with the camo
hat ...

He spied it on my side table, and NOW IT IS HIS!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work and Play Aprons

Since my Grandson "hot rod" likes to cook and also likes to work outside in the garage and in the yard

He is getting a few "tools" from his crafty Grandma.

After deconstruction of a denim shirt for another project I saw the potential as a pocket and neck strap

And the remains of the trench coat worked well on the other apron. along the same lines.

And a good excuse to clean off my work table and set it up for a cutting table... worked great!

The pattern was posted on  sew much ado blog, and I will have to find the link

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


 I have never mentioned it, but I have been hit in the head by Jesus.
Not that gentle anointing

Not the pouring of holy water over the brow

Not the dip in the river...

Hit in the head by Jesus...

Just wanted to witness a moment...


cool site
great ideas from Lisa V.
she even published a photo of my FIRST altered book

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Give A Way

Cool give a way from Tess at NOVA, her art is wonderful.

She has created a pendant with a gorgeous!!! colored stone, and stirling silver" waterfall "

Go check it out!

bubbles clock

An old fan found on the side of the road, rescued and dismantled sprayed with a nice fresh chrome finish..

Pearls and beads are running down the front and filling up the glass bubbles & when they miss, they bounce around like crazy...

Clock face is printed from a deco style foto that was sent from Roger Wood creative clock maker who is so kind to share the files of clock faces he has collected over the years ...


Been having circles on my stuff a lot... big circles that I trace using plastic lids from jars as a template

Little tiny circles that are like grains of sand...

This clock backround is foamboard, very strait lines of a glitter glue that is "festive" and really looks good on black... mirrors, buttons, bottle caps painted with glitter glue and glow in the dark dimentional paints.