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Old enough to know better, but at age 50 I started a second career as a Mixed Media Artist. Inspired by a friend who suggested I research Altered Art I found what I do, and what I need to feed my muse. I have been published* I have been purchased* I have been SOLD! at an exhibit* I have been invited to share and teach* I have been blessed that I have friends who "get it";

Monday, June 21, 2010

it is OKAY

Silver Moon

I am having another image problem. What is me?

I did adore my red wigs, but when I gained all that weight I just didnt have the energy to be :hot:


Hot Flashes count?

My hubby LOVES LOVES LOVES my red wigs

Does it mean he likes the idea of being with a red head and not feel any guilt?

Diet, exercise, and the fact that I am feeling more myself again, read: PAIN FREE.

I am medicated of course, but it finally finally working .. I can actually do things one day and not be bed ridden the next!

Huge improvement!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday

Today I walked with my TOPS buddies, and I insulted one by walking up a hill and catching them up around the bend. I said I need a bit more cardio, that the moderate walking only burns 190 calories... well...

One of the gals is having leg problems and got upset and said she was SORRY but she couldnt walk any faster..


I apologised, and told her I was just sayin...

So I may get uninvited .. gee


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Village Bookstore part duex

My visit over the Lunch Hour with Valerie and a brief but insightful moment with the coffee master Billy, I am looking forward to this addition to our small town; not only for my art sake, but for the reality of Valerie doing something she has always wanted to do.

Not only has her dream "shadowed" mine with the uncanny "opened a small business from scratch in an old building" and the troubles you encounter making the space your own... she is willing to put in the hours that it takes to make it a success. As we were when the dancing school was started.

I pray that she is confident in her ability, and since she is only committing herself to this venture and not counting on partners with diverse backrounds and other duties. Some of the partners had to work outside jobs to support their dance habit.. lol...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Village Bookstore

The Village Bookstore has finally opened.

Located right down the block from work I can look out the window and actually see their shop.

The signage is not up yet, but they are OPEN.

It is a leap of faith to open a book store on Main Street, and I do not think it is the first one to try. She has a coffee house attitude, and wants foot traffic to feel welcome to sit and use their lap tops and had a coffee and browse a book or two.

I am excited to see all the blank walls waiting for book shelves, and in the mean time I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of my work up there!

I am hoping to stop by again tomorrow and bring my album...

I also will gift them with a celebratory gold bottle or two and some bottles of hope and an art envelope

Valerie is the owner, she is a teacher or councilor in Ballwin, her hub is a polilce officer and their family life is hectic. As soon as school was out she was working 12 hour days with her 15 year old son to get the space ready.

She did no advertising, she had nothing in the budget.. as a matter of fact she has no business plan, she just wants to do it! I have no problem with that!

I will also be taking her some books for her shelves..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Much

The weather has been horrible humid and it has been impossible for me to spend any amount of time working in the yard.

With the humidity I am hitting the wall. The cooling vest helps a great deal, and of course I wear a hat.

Water myself constantly, or I droop like a wilted flower.

I am still walking my 2.5 miles a day, and the cooling vest is a must, it is even horrid at 6 am... may have to move my act into Walmart in the AC!

Discussion about vacation and trips is still a bit touchy, as we do not make plans, but dreaming about a fall trip is crazy... no time or money?

We do not have any direction, the last nice trip was because of the Art Show.

Maybe I need to watch for events that can take me to a show?

And I can haul dh along with...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Web Albums for Juried Art Shows

I put together some "fotos" that I hope to use to apply for shows and events.

Click on the picture to see the album.

2 new Clocks

My shoe clock that just fell together, and my mermaid clock for my dear artsy friend Jalee who invited me to teach an altered art class in Florida.. wonderful wonderful time was had by all. She opened her home to me and she and her hubby treated me like a queen.

One of the best times of my life.