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Old enough to know better, but at age 50 I started a second career as a Mixed Media Artist. Inspired by a friend who suggested I research Altered Art I found what I do, and what I need to feed my muse. I have been published* I have been purchased* I have been SOLD! at an exhibit* I have been invited to share and teach* I have been blessed that I have friends who "get it";

Friday, June 3, 2011

There goes another slice of me...

Envelope art

this did translate into a full size collage : there goes another peice of me

shipping box broken down and flattened
wrapped in freezer paper and packing tape
doodled on to "decorate" my package

envelope "reproduced" a few times

now what is missing? oh a clock!

what this really represents..

another piece of me.. in the mail


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