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Monday, November 26, 2012

Would you believe STILL ON HOLD

Sometimes live gives you such a jolt that you will never get back on track.

This is what is happening at my house.

Since July 18 when I called 911 to come get my hubby to the hospital -

MRI and such, Infection Doctors, Neuro Surgeon, Heart doctors, ICU, back surgery (2), Rehab Acute Care Hospital, several transfers by ambulance from this hospital to the other, TEE (looking at the heart), EKG, heart monitors, LIFE VEST so if heart doesn't restart on its own he gets a shock to jump start, back to REHAB hospital...

Friday Sept 21st - he came home
He came home with a power wheel chair, a manual wheel chair, the LIFE VEST, 2 walkers, and IV to be handled by ME every 6 hours around the clock.. home health nurses, home health PT, Diabetes, diet restrictions -

Saturday Sept 15 I had the first BLAST to get the decorations finished for the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY on Oct 13th..

Saturday Sept 22 I had the second BLAST for making the 200 Jar pies for the wedding favors.

Then we tried to just keep going until we could catch our breath.

Wedding was fantastic, he was a bastid to me, didn't like the suit, didn't like the venue was not as Handicapped accessible as he would like... and on and on and on!

I danced and partied and danced and danced and danced - and blew off the tension that had been building.

He has had a pacemaker put in

He is scheduled for a heart cath and then a valve job...

He is still in that power chair because he is out of breath all the time he tries to walk with the walker.

 Does my art get done? Do I have any art?

Hell no, I can't get around the fact that my brain and life are tied up in his problems, and I enable him to be pretty much dependent on my help... unless I ignore him and make him do the stuff that is HARD... sure it is easier for him to let me tie his shoes... put on his sox, empty the urinals, make his meals

SO when this roller coaster is pulled into the station, I may get my life back... and hope this coaster doesn't get off track and shoot off again leaving us in limbo.

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