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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Village Bookstore

The Village Bookstore has finally opened.

Located right down the block from work I can look out the window and actually see their shop.

The signage is not up yet, but they are OPEN.

It is a leap of faith to open a book store on Main Street, and I do not think it is the first one to try. She has a coffee house attitude, and wants foot traffic to feel welcome to sit and use their lap tops and had a coffee and browse a book or two.

I am excited to see all the blank walls waiting for book shelves, and in the mean time I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of my work up there!

I am hoping to stop by again tomorrow and bring my album...

I also will gift them with a celebratory gold bottle or two and some bottles of hope and an art envelope

Valerie is the owner, she is a teacher or councilor in Ballwin, her hub is a polilce officer and their family life is hectic. As soon as school was out she was working 12 hour days with her 15 year old son to get the space ready.

She did no advertising, she had nothing in the budget.. as a matter of fact she has no business plan, she just wants to do it! I have no problem with that!

I will also be taking her some books for her shelves..

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