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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Junk Mail Collage and Recyle Your Life Trash

You know, I am a good junk mail shredder, and have saved some really cool pieces for examples of "stuff" that can be used in a "different" way.

I am collecting several sample of re-usable mail for a project I will propose to Val over at the Village Bookstore, some Saturday Make and Take things. For folks to do AFTER they have bought some books from the shop.. lol

Besides other useful ways to use your junk mail, instead of tossing it or shredding it, I will propose the way to re-use cardboard cereal boxes.

We have not changed over to a plastic bag type of cereal, because my hubby eats a name brand for the 100% of his daily vitamins and minerals.. kwim?

I took the box, which is a larger one, and made it into a holder for my clip board that I "art" on, and would like to keep it clean as possible. I do doodle art on it and the board itself is decorated..

Folders, etc can be made easily, and decorated to hold recipes, patterns, notebooks.

The sky is the limit.. it should be fun to plan and execute

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