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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Rush ME

I think that is a song...

Oh Yeah, it is

Anyway, this is about not having the JOY of organizing and setting up my new space, because I am having pressure from my partner to get the stuff out of the LIVING ROOM

And since the weather is a nice cool 70 F with ragweed and mold in high levels, we need to open up the house and then get back to work moving stuff around... wow...

NOT a good IDEA

So I am not getting the rush of adrenalin to get organized, cause I can't get behind it... moving stuff but not organized


That blank wall was calling me, and I am still hoping to work on a clock key on that wall.. Maybe I will just MAKE one... and then I will be able to work on it at will, not on a ladder.

That should give me the incentive to get my work table cleared off and find my supplies.. lol...

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  1. I hate periods like this when you can't get moving...and then suddenly it's there...that adrenalin that helps you accomplish more than most folks do in a lifetime. Too bad it doesn't come in pill form...on second thought I think it my day it was called "speed."