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Old enough to know better, but at age 50 I started a second career as a Mixed Media Artist. Inspired by a friend who suggested I research Altered Art I found what I do, and what I need to feed my muse. I have been published* I have been purchased* I have been SOLD! at an exhibit* I have been invited to share and teach* I have been blessed that I have friends who "get it";

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hard to be creative

when you are trying to create

better to create when you aren't trying

doing some doodles that are interesting, but when I doodle 2 doodle something creative, it blows

loving some of the stuff I doodle, and will do something with it, like quarter shots

need to scan some stuff so I can edit it without messing with the original

bad part is not being able to doodle randomly and then do a connect the dots: to pull the whole together

maybe some kind of zentangle thingy, which I love but not necessary to call it zentangle - because I have doodled this way for more than 20 years.. but it does lead me in different directions

excessive NEED to doodle has shown a downside, and it bothers right hand, by the end of the day have a sore wrist, like when I had tendonitis

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