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Old enough to know better, but at age 50 I started a second career as a Mixed Media Artist. Inspired by a friend who suggested I research Altered Art I found what I do, and what I need to feed my muse. I have been published* I have been purchased* I have been SOLD! at an exhibit* I have been invited to share and teach* I have been blessed that I have friends who "get it";

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Journal Help

Interesting to format your journal when you are kinda stuck, this gets you started!

Outside my are going up and down Main Street, 2 fast for the 20 mph limit the sun is sparking off windsheilds and chrome as they drive by.
I am looks pretty, and warm and sunny and I am inside at the computer, can not help but wish I had wireless at the office so I could sit out in back on a nice day like this.
I am thankful for...having a job. Support from my online friends I can visit with during the workday and discuss our woes, aches and pains, joys and disapointments
I am wearing...a size smaller cropped black pants and a turquois ha! Another 2.75 pounds lost this week, and the 2.5 miles walked several mornings a week help so much!
I am creating...some doodles to keep my mind tranquil, it is easy to get antsy and distracted by the artsy ideas swimming around in my head, and doodles help oodles.
I am going...out of my mind, a garage sale preview tomorrow at lunch where I hope to score some interesting items to pack rat for my mixed media work, I am sure there is no such thing as too many watches, clocks or broken jewelry.
I am reading...Secret Longings of the Heart by Carol Kent, a very interesting book written by a pastors wife, who is published and a sought after speaker and this book is a question and answer book regarding many issues you may have wondered about but were to scared to ask... her take on many subjects and her interpritation of where in the bible she could find answers
I am hoping...that today goes by at a steady pace, my hands are tired from typing and the LCD screen is giving me a major case of eye boogers... or it is allergies..
I am hearing...the normal shhhhhh hissssss buzzzzzz of my tinnyitis
A few plans for the rest of the week:getting organized for mothers day bbq
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I am always intrigued by sites that share the fotos and links to old fotos to use in art

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