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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm A Pain

Since starting this blog page I have lost it...

litteraly (in my way of spelling, and my way of thinking)

in my way

I have remembered that I thought I was looking at starting a blog somewhere, and then found out that I did start a blog... and then forgot again.

I am trying to start a group of unknown artists, but so far I only know 3 unknowns, including myself...

Also deciding if my "art injury" will be holding up some of my ideas and keep me out of the different "shows"

My "art injury" is ongoing nerve damage, can't see any damage to the "hand" or "wrist" using the old fashioned X-Ray, then the Nerve Conduction Test shows NOTHING, and the MRI shows nothing, and then I get recommended to go see a Pain Specialist

Doctor D and his APA Courtney ... they are excellent caregivers... wonderful gentle questions and methods of "examination" easy access to the office, and they have returned my calls !

They have messed with my dosage of the meds for my leg pain (neuropathy it is called, and then added the restless leg thingy) and ended up increasing it to help me sleep. The pain med I have been taking is an ANALGESIC...

When it is time for a pill, it is TIME FOR A PILL.

Unfortunate that it has ramped up my other stuff, but I hope it will calm down a bit.

I have also become anxious... and that requires another pill that I am not taking..

So it goes.

I am not taking anything that will make any IMPROVEMENTS, just change the quality of life thing.

Quality of life thing is important, cause it is hard to do stuff with PAIN and it is hard to do stuff that will end up causing pain...

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